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Electrical District 6 - Lighting Up Your Business For Less!



ED6 was formed in 1958 to serve the power needs of the agricultural community within their boundaries. At one point, ED6 was given federal hydropower entitlements—the nation's best source of reliable renewable electricity. Through an agreement with SRP, when a development moves into this once predominantly agricultural area this power has—in addition to its previous agricultural uses—become available to serve the needs of the community, including schools, churches, water facilities, wastewater facilities, parks and recreation facilities, Home Owner Association Common Areas, etc.

SRP provides the transmission, distribution, metering facilities and electricity to all of ED6's customers that fall within the SRP area. The credit for ED6s resources is passed through to their customers resulting in reduced electric bills.

Who qualifies?

The rates offered by ED6 are available to new electric customers who have not had SRP retail service within the past 24 months. The ED6 Board of Directors encourages all new commercial accounts to consider requesting service from ED6.  As this is a limited resource** we encourage that you act fast before the opportunity is lost.

**ED6 has a limited amount of power to offer and may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Will It Work For My Business?

Only if you want to save money! The only difference between what we offer and what the traditional utility companies offer is price. The power is exactly the same, just less expensive.

And, when you reduce what you pay for power, you create significant savings for your bottom line.

Here are a few parameters to consider before you apply for service through ED6:

  • If your business is in the SRP service area, your account must be a new account at a location that has not received service from SRP in the prior two years.
  • If your business is in the APS service area, your business must be a qualified load, like agriculturally-related loads, wells or water treatment plants. Contact the District to determine whether your load is qualified to be served by ED6.

Anything else I should know?

Much of the electricity used in the ED6 power grid is purchased primarily from hydroelectric sources, a clean, renewable energy source. ED6 purchases Hoover Dam power from the Arizona Power Authority and Glenn Canyon Dam power from the Western Area Power Administration. Additional power is purchased from APS and SRP.

In other words, by purchasing your company’s power through ED6 you’ll be doing your part to make the world a better place.

Currently, ED5 AND ED6 are in the process of consolidation. If you’d like more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

ED6 contracts with K.R. Saline & Associates, PLC (www.KRSaline.com) to manage its power supply and contractual agreements. For detailed information contact jjw@krsaline.com or dld@krsaline.com. ED6 is represented by Sheryl Sweeney of Ryley Carlock & Applewhite, Attorneys.